See the Rainbow

Tessa looking for books in the library.

Tessa's has carried out groundbreaking research on Berkeley's historic Black cultural center, Rainbow Sign. Hear her story.

Bacteria Immunity

Peter working in the lab.

Peter is a College of Chemistry student researching cholera prevention.

Recording Revitalization

CNR senior Jed Lee has made his first documentary film telling the story of the community revitalization of the Richmond Greenway.

Navigating Cal

Mac is in an office meeting with University members.

As a transfer and re-entry student, Mac started a new campus program (NavCal) to support first gen students.

Native Stories Onstage

Drew sits in a circle on a stage with other people.

For his senior project in TDPS, Drew is writing and directing his first play.

Pandemic Disparities

Riya and Era are creating a documentary on the coronavirus in Berkeley to highlight the impact on different communities.

Conscious cleaning

Amrita’s team designed strategies to market eco-friendly products to Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Women's health spaces

Grace Schimmel Still Cut

Grace's senior thesis explores the future of reproductive health care for women from the perspective of the built environment.

Tracking Tectonics

Leyla Namazie Screenshot

Leyla researches the enigmatic geologic and tectonic history of the West Coast of North America using paleomagnetism.

Translating Senagalese poetry

Samba Kane Screenshot

Samba is researching the cultural identity of the Fula people in the valley of the Senegal River.