Janaki Vivrekar and Revekka Kostoeva

Janaki and Revekka posing for a picture

Janaki and Revekka teamed up to build Vibrato, an augmented musical experience for Deaf / Hard of Hearing individuals.

Leyla Namazie

Leyla Namazie Screenshot

Leyla researches the enigmatic geologic and tectonic history of the West Coast of North America using paleomagnetism.

Helen Pinto

Helen Pinto Screenshot

Helen is researching images and image use permission of works by Neapolitan artist Jusepe de Ribera.

Grace Schimmel

Grace Schimmel Still Cut

Grace's senior thesis explores the future of reproductive health care for women from the perspective of the built environment.

Elizabeth Ordeman

Elizabeth Ordeman Screenshot

Elizabeth investigates the coevolution of milkweed feeding butterflies and their toxic milkweed plant hosts.

Phoebe Gross

Phoebe is studying juvenile salmonid foraging behavior across the Lagunitas watershed.

De'Jenae' See

De'Jenae' researches tardigrades for their ability to withstand environmental stressors.

Gabriel Sarnoff

Gabriel Sarnoff Screnshot

Gabe explores the intersection of analog and digital sound through the composition of original music.

Chris McCarron

Chris is examining the population genetics of an oak species native to California.

Riya Master and Era Goel

Riya and Era are creating a documentary on the coronavirus in Berkeley to highlight the impact on different communities.