Public Health

Undergraduate Program

Introduction to the Major

Public health is the interdisciplinary science of preventing disease and injury to improve the health of communities and populations. Public health professionals work to identify solutions to address complex issues as wide ranging as air pollution, chronic disease, gun violence, infectious diseases, tobacco control and mental health. 

The School of Public Health offers a major and summer minor that includes epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and health policy. The curriculum prepares students to become changemakers in public health, for a more equitable and just world.

Admission to the Major 

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Health is offered through the College of Letters & Science. Undergraduate students can apply to the major after completing the lower division requirements. It is highly recommended to apply by the end of sophomore year. Students should also take steps to declare an alternate major, as Public Health is a capped major with limited capacity Visit for more information about admission and sample plans.

Admissions rate (2011 - Spring 2022): 84.5%

Average GPA of accepted students (2021-2022)

Prerequisite 3.47

Overall 3.44

Amplify Your Major

I knew I was extremely passionate about health and healthcare, but I didn’t know exactly what role I wanted to pursue....The major allows you to explore and get a feel for what best fits you.
Mia Salvini, class of 2020

Four-Year Student Timeline

First Year

Explore Your Major

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

Second Year

Explore Your Major

  • Complete lower division prerequisites and apply to the major at the end of your sophomore year.

  • Look for courses that can satisfy both college requirements and major prerequisites.

  • Explore the different electives in Public Health

  • Review major guidelines for study abroad.

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

Third Year

Explore Your Major

  • Review your degree progress with your major and college advisors.

  • Start satisfying upper division requirements

  • Get familiar with the senior capstone requirement and plan for the capstone option that best suits your needs for senior year.

Connect and Build Community

  • Give back by becoming a Public Health peer advisor or student representative. 

  • Welcome new students to UC Berkeley as a Golden Bear Orientation Leader

  • Get involved in a campus organization in a concentration you enjoy or facilitate your own DeCal.

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

Fourth Year

Explore Your Major

  • Do a degree check to ensure you are on track to graduate.

  • Complete any “bucket list” courses and remaining major, college, and campus requirements.

  • Complete your capstone requirement.

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

What Can I Do With My Major?

The Public Health major is primarily intended to prepare students for graduate study in a variety of fields. Students who work after obtaining their degree are employed by government, private and nonprofit organizations.

Jobs and Employers

  • Asst. Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSF
  • Asst. Language Teacher, JET
  • Community Worker, Alameda Health
  • Consultant, Kaiser Permanente
  • Data Scientist, Euclid Analytics
  • Disaster Preparedness Mgr., AmeriCorps
  • Emergency Planning Aide, City of SF
  • Family Advocate, YMCA
  • Fellow, Congress. Hispanic Caucus
  • Health Educator, Marin City
  • HIV Counselor, AIDS Healthcare
  • Member Advocate, Collective Health
  • Policy Analyst, The City Project
  • Program Coordinator, Ctr. for Care
  • Public Health Advisor, CDC
  • Research Asst., MD Anderson Cancer
  • Research Analyst, UCSF
  • Strategy Consultant, Accenture
  • Volunteer, Peace Corps

Graduate Programs

  • Biological Sciences, Masters
  • Biostatistics, PhD
  • Education, Masters
  • Epidemiology, Masters
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, Masters
  • Law, JD 
  • Medicine, MD
  • Nursing, Masters
  • Optometry, OD 
  • Pharmacy, PharmD 
  • Public Health, Masters, MPH

Examples gathered from the First Destination Survey of recent Berkeley graduates.

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