How do I search the database?

You can search the database in three key ways by: 

 1) Entering interests into the search bar:

Identify topics of interest and brainstorm keywords to search. Enter keywords into the search bar above to explore opportunities in all categories related to your interests. As we’re still in the pilot phase, searching the broadest and simplest terms will provide more results. 

2) Using the category filter to find the types of opportunities you want: 

  • Undergraduate research

  • Scholarships

  • Fellowships

  • Community-engaged service

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Study abroad

  • And more!

3) Using tags to hone in on opportunities relevant to who you are, what you’re studying and where you’re at:

  • Identify opportunities by year with tags like “Freshman,” “Sophomore,” “Junior,” and “Senior.” (Transfer students should select either junior or senior status.)

  • Filter by your academic interests with tags like “Political Science,” “Biological Sciences,” “Arts,” and more.

  • Find opportunities relevant to your identities using tags like Asian American, African American, Latinx, LGBTQ, Native, and more.

Note: Coding language in the database requests hyphens in tags to represent spaces, therefore Political Science will become Political-Science.