Workshops for Students

The Discovery Hub helps undergraduates discover opportunities in & beyond the classroom to apply learning and get experience in their field. We centralize information and guide students to discover what they want to do through real-world experience. 

Our workshops assist students with every step of their discovery journey from navigating campus opportunities to developing your passions to showcasing accomplishments. Students can register for upcoming workshops via our calendar, and we also encourage faculty and staff to invite us to present workshops to your programs and courses. Contact

Discover Cal Opportunities Tour

Students thrive at Cal and beyond when they develop their passions through hands-on opportunities beyond the classroom. In this guided tour, you will engage in a conversation on how you can take advantage of the wide range of opportunities on campus for research, public service, entrepreneurship, creative projects, and more!

Offered in-person (75 mins) or online (60 mins). 

Discovery Hub Info Session

This 30 minute online workshop provides an oveview of the Discovery Hub, an online resource center for undergraduate opportunities in and beyond the classroom, including the pilot Discovery Opportunities Database, which simplifies your search for research opportunities, scholarships, internships, community service, study abroad, and more!

Offered hybrid or online (30 mins).

Discover Your Future: How to Find Your Path at UC Berkeley

You’ve come to UC Berkeley to discover your future, but how do you decide what you want to do? In this workshop we’ll share a secret to undergraduate success: students thrive when they develop their passion and purpose through hands-on projects. You will walk away with resources and tools for navigating campus, making connections, and finding the right project for you. 

Offered in-person (60 mins).

Tell Your Story: The Power of Your Discovery Narrative to Guide Your Future

How do you translate your experience at Cal to your future career? This workshop is designed for graduating undergraduate students (or those worried about graduation) to reflect on what you discovered in and beyond the classroom to hone your story. Come learn how to frame your experiences to open doors for the next chapter of your life after graduation. 

Offered in-person or online (60 mins).