Engineering Physics

Undergraduate Program

Introduction to the Program

The Engineering Science (ES) program is a multi-departmental and interdisciplinary undergraduate program that encompasses closely-related areas of the physical sciences, mathematics and engineering. Students in the ES program acquire knowledge of engineering methods and can pursue their interests in areas of natural science, as well as advanced study in engineering, science, or mathematics. Students choose one of four majors: energy engineering, engineering mathematics and statistics, engineering physics, or environmental engineering science. A minor in energy engineering is also offered.

ES Major Options 

Energy Engineering interweaves the fundamentals of classical and modern physics, chemistry, and mathematics with energy engineering applications.

Engineering Mathematics and Statistics is the study of pure and applied mathematics as essential components of modern engineering. 

Engineering Physics interweaves classical and modern physics, chemistry, and mathematics with their engineering applications.

Environmental Engineering pairs engineering fundamentals with courses in the environmental and natural sciences.

Amplify Your Major

The classes across a variety of departments have allowed me to take a very interdisciplinary approach to engineering. And the great community within this major has taught me how to work with a team.
T.G. Mekenzi Roberts, Energy Engineering Science, Class of 2020

Four-Year Student Timeline

First Year

Explore Your Major

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

Second Year

Explore Your Major

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

Third Year

Explore Your Major

  • Focus on upper division requirements and electives.

  • Continue meeting with your ESS advisor to review your academic progress.

  • Submit paperwork for a double major, simultaneous degree, minor, or study abroad.

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

Fourth Year

Explore Your Major

  • Meet with your ESS advisor to do an official degree check and plan for your final year.

  • Complete any “bucket list” courses and remaining major, college, and campus requirements.

Connect and Build Community

Discover Your Passions

  • Teach your own DeCal course.

  • Consider being an instructor for ENGIN 98.

  • Continue to pursue your interests through a fellowship or gap year after graduation.

  • Choose your post-baccalaureate plans based upon your intended mission and impact as an Engineer.

Engage Locally and Globally

Reflect and Plan Your Future

What Can I Do With My Major?

Graduates in Engineering Science gain a broad foundation for graduate studies in theoretical branches of engineering, as well as in mathematics, and are prepared for careers in specific sectors of industry or business, such as green technology, solar engineering, and environmental firms to name a few.

Jobs and Employers

  • Data Engineer, Capital One

  • Data Scientist, Barclays Capital 

  • Engineer, Northrop Grumman

  • Hybrid Calibration Engineer, General Motors

  • Project Coordinator, Climate Corps

  • Software Engineer, Primus Power

  • Project Engineer, New Energy Equity 

  • Research Assistant, California Institute of Technology

Graduate Programs

  • Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, PhD

  • Atomic/Molecular Physics, PhD

  • Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering, Masters

  • Engineering, Masters

  • Materials Engineering, PhD

  • Physics, PhD

Examples gathered from the First Destination Survey of recent Berkeley graduates.

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Visit Engineering Student Services in 230 Bechtel for advising on academic difficulty, change of major/double majors/simultaneous degrees, withdrawal/readmission, degree completion, education abroad, academic progress, and petitions and exceptions. See

Contact the ES Undergraduate Advisor at about registration, departmental policy, and campus resources. Meet with an ES Faculty Advisor about coursework, careers in ES, graduate school, letters of recommendation, and summer internships. See

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