Opening Discussion Questions With Students

Twenty Questions to Open Up Discussion About Discovery With Students 

  1. What do you want to get out of your time in Berkeley?

  2. What drew you to Berkeley? Why Berkeley? What sparked your interest?

  3. What are your long-term goals, and how do you see your time at Berkeley supporting you in those goals?

  4. Where do you see yourself after your time at Berkeley?

  5. What experiences did you have at your previous school that you found most transformational? How are you approaching creating that kind of deep learning here at Berkeley?

  6. What does your community look like? Where do you find support? Who’s on your support team?

  7. If you imagine yourself at your graduation party, what are the stories you’re telling family and friends about what you DID at Berkeley?

  8. What keeps you motivated? To go to class? To do your homework?

  9. What are you hoping to contribute? What is the impact that you are hoping to have while you are at Berkeley?

  10. If you could pursue any project or answer any question, what would that be?

  11. What are you curious about?

  12. What brings you the most meaning and sense of purpose in your life?

  13. Can you tell me about who has been really supportive of you? Who helped get you here? How did you connect with that person? How can we connect you with someone similar at Berkeley?

  14. Whom do you imagine could be really positive and influential/a meaningful mentor for your goals?

  15. How can we build you a dynamic and diverse support team?

  16. What does support look like for you? What allows you to feel supported?

  17. How can you remain open to possibilities?

  18. What steps can you put in place to help you explore this further?

  19. Have you checked out any of the student discovery videos? Did the students share any ideas that interested you or challenged you? 

  20. Is there a community of people on campus that you would like to get involved with because you feel it would positively impact your work at UC Berkeley? How can we connect you with this community?