Council Members

Council Members

The Discovery Advising & Student Services Staff Council serves as a group of strategic partners for the Discovery Hub and the broader campus  Discovery Initiative. The Council is coordinated by Sean Burns.



Chrissy Galli (Co-Chair)

Associate Director of Recreational Sports, Workforce Analysis, and Strategic Projects Manager (Division of Student Affairs)

Kasra Sotudeh( Co-Chair)

Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator, Athletic Study Center (Division of Undergraduate Education)

Shana Love

Assistant Director, Experiential Learning, Career Center

Luisa Giulianetti

Curriculum Coordinator, Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (Division of E&I)

Avi Rosenzweig

Academic Advisor, Nanoscience & Nanoengineering Institute (Division of VCR)

Elizabeth Stanners

Assistant Director of Haas Employer and Alumni Engagement, Career Center (Division of Student Affairs)

Keisha Hicks

Academic Advisor, McNair Scholars Program (Graduate Division)

Sean Burns

Director, Discovery Hub

Elinor Gregorio

Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Haas Undergraduate Program (Haas School of Business)

Laura Spautz

Undergraduate Major Adviser, American Studies (L&S)

Evelyn Thorne

Creative Discovery Coordinator & Advisor, Discovery Hub (Division of Undergraduate Education)

Past Council Members

Marvin Lopez, Christine Mullarkey, Cassandra Castillo, Anna Henry, Serena Le, Marisela Loza, Monica GuhaMajumdar