Campus Initiative


Berkeley Discovery is a campus-wide effort to transform undergraduate education. Discovery writ large is more than a single discrete experience or one-semester capstone project. Discovery is an intentional and holistic arc that supports all students on a journey of engaged creativity and self-actualization. 

The core goals of the Berkeley Discovery Initiative are to:

  • Elevate Discovery to become a universal signature of the Berkeley experience.
  • Catalyze curricular innovation to weave discovery into the fabric of learning.
  • Expand co-curricular capacity by providing more discovery opportunities. 
  • Develop a scaffolded arc from Connect to Discover to build a culture of belonging and agency.
  • Provide equity of experience by ensuring that all students have access to Discovery. 
  • Promote resilience during periods of remote learning and institutional change.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.


The two flagship components of the initiative are Berkeley Discovery and the Discovery Hub.

In Fall 2020, we embarked on a new phase of the Discovery Initiative with the launch of flagship program Berkeley Discover, an approach to developing and infusing the Discovery Arc throughout the undergraduate experience. With a $5 million gift from the Chernin family, we created the Berkeley Discovery Departmental Innovation Awards Program to foster a culture of transformative and collaborative engagement.

The Discovery Hub will be a central campus resource, both physical and online, for all Berkeley undergraduates. Discovery projects often take place at the intersection between coursework and Berkeley’s rich landscape of co-curricular programs. Therefore, the Hub will expand and coordinate co-curricular offerings across campus in undergraduate research, arts, entrepreneurialism, and community engagement. The Hub will also directly support students in navigating campus, planning discovery projects, and building dynamic communities of mentors and collaborators. Ultimately the Hub will make the Discovery landscape easier to navigate and elevate the quality and reach of Discovery on campus.