Courtney Tang

Courtney Tang sitting in front of Doe Library

Courtney Tang

Discovery - OURS Liaison

With their passion for research and ensuring students have access to Discovery Opportunities, Courtney is excited to be a liasion between Discovery and the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship. 

Courtney’s role is to organize opportunities in a way that all students can access information. They maintain  scholarships and research experiences in the database as well as advocate for changes to better serve our students. 

Courtney approaches this work as a proud transfer student from San Francisco who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2022 with a BA in Psychology and Minor in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Outside of work, Courtney participates in clinical trials regarding PTSD, sleep, and Type II Diabetes. In other job responsibilities, Courtney provides programmatic support to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships (OURS).