Ocean Sound Pollution

Yueyi helped build a data visualization tool to track ocean sound levels

Rural prison economics

Laura Rambo researches the economic implications of prison construction in rural counties in the 1980s and 90s.

Afghan immigrant health

nilafur smiling

Nilufar co-founded a health initiative by and for Afghans.

Do you know the Rainbow Sign?

Tessa looking for books in the library.

Tessa's has carried out groundbreaking research on Berkeley's historic Black cultural center, Rainbow Sign. Hear her story.

Translating Senagalese poetry

Samba Kane Screenshot

Samba is researching the cultural identity of the Fula people in the valley of the Senegal River.

Black Wall Street Matters

Ockemia Bean's historical research on Black Wall Street

Ockemia's historical research on Black Wall Street offers insight to social and psychological perceptions of black wealth.

Cutting edge chemical biology

Peter working in the lab.

Peter is a College of Chemistry student researching cholera prevention.

Healthy salmon habitat

Phoebe is studying juvenile salmonid foraging behavior across the Lagunitas watershed.

Understanding tectonic history

Leyla Namazie Screenshot

Leyla researches the enigmatic geologic and tectonic history of the West Coast of North America using paleomagnetism.

Designing solar cars

Lekha became Engineering Director for CalSol, the UC Berkeley solar vehicle team.