Navigating Cal

Mac is in an office meeting with University members.

As a transfer and re-entry student, Mac started a new campus program (NavCal) to support first gen students.

Conscious cleaning

Amrita’s team designed strategies to market eco-friendly products to Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Design Company Start-up

Adam started a company that sits at the confluence of design, sustainability, linguistic science, and accessibility.

Karaoke time - anywhere

Luofei Chen teamed up with other students to start a new company. Their first product is the Oki Karoake booth!

Designing solar cars

Lekha became Engineering Director for CalSol, the UC Berkeley solar vehicle team.

Afghan immigrant health

nilafur smiling

Nilufar co-founded a health initiative by and for Afghans.

Visualizing sound

Janaki and Revekka posing for a picture

Janaki and Revekka teamed up to build Vibrato, an augmented musical experience for Deaf / Hard of Hearing individuals.