Creative Arts + Design

Native Stories Onstage

Drew sits in a circle on a stage with other people.

For his senior project in TDPS, Drew is writing and directing his first play.

Translating Senagalese poetry

Samba Kane Screenshot

Samba is researching the cultural identity of the Fula people in the valley of the Senegal River.

Reimagining music composition

Gabriel Sarnoff Screnshot

Gabe explores the intersection of analog and digital sound through the composition of original music.

Processes of transculturation

Helen Pinto Screenshot

Helen is researching images and image use permission of works by Neapolitan artist Jusepe de Ribera.

Design Company Start-up

Adam started a company that sits at the confluence of design, sustainability, linguistic science, and accessibility.

Designing solar cars

Lekha became Engineering Director for CalSol, the UC Berkeley solar vehicle team.

Creating a museum exhibit

Nika developed a passion for working with historical collections when she took a freshman seminar at the Hearst Museum.