Visualizing sound

Janaki and Revekka || Berkeley Discovery

College of L&S Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (Janaki, Revekka)

Upon meeting in a user interface design and development course (CS 160) in Fall 2018, Revekka Kostoeva and Janaki Vivrekar teamed up with a few of their peers to build Vibrato, an augmented musical experience for Deaf / Hard of Hearing (D/HoH) individuals. Intrigued by the challenge of designing novel music technology for the unique D/HoH demographic, their team learned from user interviews, built prototypes, iterated on their design, and implemented an Android application that customizes the D/HoH musical experience. In Spring 2019, Revekka and Janaki earned the Jacobs Institute Innovation Catalysts Ignite Grant to continue developing their idea beyond the Android mobile interface.

Resources Janaki and Revekka used: