Revitalizing Indigenous language

Fallon Burner || Berkeley Discovery

College of L&SHistory

Fallon Burner is writing a history of the Wendat and Wandat language revitalization movements. Her senior thesis explores the vital role that language plays in Indigenous communities, how history is tied to issues of erasure and survival, and how language revitalization projects address transgenerational trauma. The Wendat Confederacy includes the following nations: Huron-Wendat, Wyandotte of Oklahoma, Wyandot of Anderdon, and Wyandot of Kansas, whose traditional cultures are rooted in a matricentered society where women have played heroic roles. In order to address a need for more Wendat- and Wyandot(te)-perspective primary sources, she has been conducting oral history interviews with community members in Oklahoma and Wendake (Québec), as well as furthering her knowledge of Wendat and Wandat through language work.

Resources Fallon used: