"Discovery will be the foundation of the Berkeley experience and the heart of our campus identity." - UC Berkeley Strategic Plan

The Berkeley Discovery Initiative is a campus-wide effort to transform undergraduate education, and support students on a journey of engaged creativity and self-actualization. The “Discovery Arc” will begin the moment students arrive on campus as they are introduced to a creative vision of higher education. The journey will continue as students are invited into immersive and inquiry-driven learning across the curriculum. The arc will culminate with a personalized discovery project, whether original research, artistic production, entrepreneurial initiative, or community-engaged service. Ultimately, Berkeley Discovery aims to instill a life-long ethos of engaging with grand challenges, fostering creativity, and journeying toward innovation.

The core goals of the Berkeley Discovery Initiative are to:

  Elevate Discovery to become a universal signature of the Berkeley undergraduate experience

  Catalyze curricular innovation at the department level to better weave discovery into the fabric of undergraduate education

  Expand capacity in co-curricular programs by providing more opportunities in research, entrepreneurship, public service, and creative discovery

  Develop a scaffolded arc for undergraduates from Berkeley Connect to Berkeley Discover that fosters a sense of belonging, builds a campus culture of student agency, and promotes authentic mentoring

  Provide equity of student experience by ensuring that all students have access to Discovery, with active recruitment, and retention strategies for first generation and underrepresented students

  Promote resilience and creative opportunities for Discovery during periods of remote learning